Intelligent Living Technologies Inc. is a leader in the design and implementation of energy efficient space for commercial and residential clients through advanced lighting, window management, and automation solutions.

Since 2004, Intelligent Living Technologies Inc. has been designing, supplying, installing, upgrading, and servicing control and automation systems to provide energy efficient solutions for our clients.

The company’s solutions include energy use monitoring and conservation systems, window management, lighting control systems, energy efficient lighting systems, HVAC and environmental controls and distributed audio/video systems.

We serve home owners, developers and builders of single family and multi-unit developments, as well as commercial businesses.


We believe that all intelligent space, whether a single family home or a multi-story tower, should incorporate energy efficient solutions. Our focus on intelligent window management, automation and the latest in lighting technolo­gies helps our clients achieve environmental, economic and energy efficiency.


Our team has been assembled to provide the best expertise in the industry for each specific project, and is led by President and CEO, Mu­rat Erbatur, P. Eng. Mr. Erbatur has 40 years experience with major projects ranging from multi-story residential projects to single family homes, as well as major commercial projects.


We build partnerships with a wide variety of businesses to offer the best products and solutions to our clients. We are constantly learning about the latest available products in our areas of speciality and evaluate new partnerships regularly. Some of our major partners are listed below.

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Automation Solutions

Automation is playing an increasingly important role to sustainability in the global environment. We work with our clients in designing automation for their space to conserve energy. This includes automation systems to control the lights as well as the window shades to reduce energy consumption. The MechoSystems’ SolarTrac® system and other automated systems, such as MechoLux® and the SunDialer® System are increasing energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Window Management

Intelligent Living is an Authorized Dealer of MechoShades, a leading innovator of manual, motorized and automated solar-shading and room-darkening solutions for more than 50 years. MechoShade is the global leader in Window Management. Their SolarTrac® system is designed to maximize natural daylight to increase energy efficiency while providing occupants with a comfortable environment and views to the outside. Daylighting and shading technologies alter the way that natural light affects a building, either by allowing more of it in (to light a room) or by preventing it from coming in. These technologies are important in that they allow building operators and managers to lower a building's lighting energy needs, as well as reducing the energy used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

View the SolarTrac Brochure

Advanced Lighting

We provide lighting and automation solutions to reduce energy consumption by offering advanced LED lighting fixtures, dimmers, occupancy / vacancy sensors, all of which optimize system performance and enhance the visual environment. Intelligent Living partners with leading manufacturers such as Tech Lighting, Modern Forms, Kuzco, MP Lighting, and LumenStar. We also partner with leading automation companies such as HAI by Leviton and a variety of UPB and ZWave technologies.



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